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About the working principle and theoretical basis of miniature mold engraving machine

Information from:the Internet posted on:2019-12-17

Working principle

Computer engraving machine consists of computer, engraving machine controller and engraving machine host. Working principle: Use a special engraving software to design and set type, and computer will automatically transfer such information to the controller of the engraving machine and the controller converts such information into power signal that can generate stepper motor or The servo motor, which will control the host of the engraving machine to generate the X, Y, Z three-axis engraving tool path base diameter. Meanwhile, the high-speed rotary engraving head of the engraving machine will use the cutting tools configured according to the processing material to cut processing materials fixed on the host machine table, which can be various plane or three-dimensional relief graphics and characters. The process can be automatic.

Theoretical basis

The training must start with theoretical training, and the operators must be trained in practical operations after passing the theoretical assessment. If the theoretical training fails, operation training must not be carried out.