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Adjustment method of laser marking machine and routine maintenance

Information from:the Internet posted on:2019-12-17

Adjustment method and routine maintenance of laser marking machine

1. Turn on the machine according to the normal startup sequence. Before start, the chiller must wait for the its real-time temperature to be consistent with the set temperature

2. Remove the protective cover of the laser marking machine, pay attention not to leave scratch on it; turn off the laser and Q switch power.

3. Observe the output and feedback of redlight with a frequency doubling film or white paper. It’s better if the red light indicator screen has the roundest and the brightest lightspot. If there are multiple red light spots, adjust the screw nuts between red light indicator and the beam expander in sequence.

4. Turn on the laser power and adjust the current to the range of 14 ~ 15A. better not be above 15A. Use a dimming frequency multiplier to observe if the laser output is the roundest and brightest one.

5. Place the doubling frequency film behind the beam expander and observe if there is laser output. If not, slowly adjust each screw nut in sequence until there is the brightest and roundest light spot.

6. Slowly lower the current, observe the intensity of the light spot on the frequency doubling film, and adjust the screw nut in turn until the light spot is the roundest and brightest.

7. Repeat step 6 at least 4-6 times to get the roundest and brightest spot. At this time, the current should be less than 10A, and it is best not to exceed 12A.

8. Place the frequency multiplier on the workbench. At this time, the workbench should be the focal position (approximate distance is 22 ~ 22.5cm). Observe the intensity of the laser spot. You can also increase the current slightly to adjust the screw nut to get the strongest lightspot so far. This step is fine-tuning.

9. Turn on the Q switch and start test engraving. (The test engraving parameters are normal marking parameters.) If the light intensity meets the requirements, it means adjustment is complete.

10. Install protective cover.

Points of operation and maintenance of marking machine

1. The marking parameters of the marking machine, the current cannot exceed 20A, so as to avoid laser burns each lens.

2. The chiller must be turned on before the marking machine works and wait for its real-time temperature to be consistent with the set temperature. The difference should be under 0.5°

3. The circulating water of the chiller should be replaced from once a week to half a month. The water replacement has nothing to do with the frequency and running time of the marking machine.

4. The filter of the chiller should be checked often and replaced regularly.

5. When cleaning the mirror surface of the marking machine, you can dip a cotton swap into alcohol(above 98%), and clean the mirror surface with it softly, be careful not to leave scratch.

6. The marking machine should be protected from bumps ,in case of any damage to the internal lens.

7. the use and maintenance of the marking machine should be assigned a special person.