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Application and applicable materials of miniature mold engraving machine

Information from:the Internet posted on:2019-12-17

Paper-cutting, greeting cards, and other paper craft cutting7 Other industries: Marble, granite, glass, crystal and other decorative materials are engraved with marks. Its motion trajectory is controlled by advanced vibration and static. The working principle of laser engraving machine is high-intensity laser emitted by laser.

All kinds of cloth fabrics are carved and punched to create fashionable and trend-setting effects. The effect of embroidery machine is substantially different. The laser engraving machine affixes different colors of threads to the appearance of the textile fabric. First of all, it is visually seen from the pattern. Patterns are combined from color blocks. The "laser embroidery" is a layering method of the embossing engraving machine that is processed according to the background color of the textile fabric through the laser control system. The fabric of the same color is "embroidered" with different shades of background in the fabric, with a layered transition In terms of color, this natural transitional color system hidden in the background of the fabric has a unique natural rustic style that no designer can deploy.

Judging from the representation, second. The embroidery machine is limited by its working characteristics, and the single-line fine large format pattern cannot be expressed continuously. "Laser embroidery" is just complementary to the embroidery machine because it has a thin beam, high-speed movement and continuous engraving. Directly composing graphics with the way of making a tombstone engraving machine has a certain effect, and now the popular hollow women's graphics. Although the unit price of processing has been increased to ten to twenty yuan, there is still insufficient supply. Fashionable products must have something new to make woodworking engraving machines popular. At present, China also applies this technology to the denim processing industry. It produces various effects such as images, flower shapes, and whiskers on fabrics. Laser bleaching has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, and pollution-free. Sand this craft.

Double-color plate engraving, stone engraving machine use and applicable materials:

1. It is mainly used for cutting large plastic words. Plexiglass engraving and cutting, signboard engraving, crystal, trophy engraving, authorization card engraving, etc.

2. Crafts industry: wood, bamboo, ivory, bones, leather, marble shells and other materials are carved with exquisite patterns and text. Cutting, carving and other processes. Cutting, engraving, and exceeding fashion in the garment, underwear, home furnishings, gloves, handbags, shoes, hats, toys and car flower industries.

3.leather garment processing industry: leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, cloth, fur with complex text graphics carving. Reveal your personality.

4. model industry: making sandbox building models and aircraft models. Multi-layer board cutting, etc., ABC board cutting.

5.Packaging industry: engraving and printing of rubber plates, plastic plates, double-layer plates, knife die cutter plates, etc.

6.Product identification industry: equipment nameplate, product anti-counterfeiting marking, etc.

Technical method of laser engraving machine for wood materials

1, logs (unprocessed wood) wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing material, it is easy to carve and cut. Light-colored wood like birch, cherry or maple is easily vaporized by laser and is therefore more suitable for carving. Each kind of wood sign making has its own characteristics, and some are denser, such as hardwood, which requires greater laser power when carving or cutting. We recommend that you study the carving characteristics before carving less familiar wood.

2, plywood carving on plywood is actually not much different from carving on wood, but there is one thing to note, the depth of carving should not be too deep. After cutting, the edges of the plywood will be black like wood. The key is to see what kind of wood the plywood is made of. Wood carving Generally speaking, the carving on wood is usually overcast, and the depth of laser marking machine is generally deep.

In this way, the power is generally set higher. If it encounters harder wood, the color of the engraved graphics will become darker. If you want to make the color lighter, you can increase the engraving speed and try to engrav it several times. Some wood will produce some oil fume on the wood surface when carving. If the wood has been painted with paint, you can wipe it off carefully with a wet cloth. If it is not painted, it may not be cleaned and the surface of the finished product will be stained. Wood cutting laser engraving machine generally does not cut wood deep. The maximum cutting depth depends on the wood material and laser power. If you want to cut very thick wood, you can slow down the cutting speed, but it may cause wood burning. For specific operations, you can try using large-sized lenses, and use repeated cutting methods. After sculpting of stained wood, there is generally a burning sensation. It has an original artistic beauty when matched with the wooden background. The depth of the color mainly depends on the laser power and the engraving speed. But some woods are usually the softer ones, and you can't change their color anyway (such as birch). For coloring the finished product, acrylic pigments can be used.