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Application classification of micro mold engraving machine

Information from:the Internet posted on:2019-12-17

There are two types of computer engraving machines: laser engraving and mechanical engraving. Both types have high power and low power. Because the application range of engraving machines is very wide, it is necessary to understand the most suitable application range of various engraving machines:

1. Badge: Low-power laser engraving machine (engraving machine), high-power or low-power computer engraving machine;

2. Architectural model: large and small power computer engraving machine;

3. Metal (mold, chapter, etc.) processing: large and small power computer engraving machines (high power saves time due to more cutting each time);

4. Crystal character production: high-power laser engraving machine (above 50W), high-power mechanical engraving machine;

5, wood, plexiglass, artificial stone and other signs production: high-power mechanical engraving machine;

6. Display and exhibition model production: high power, large format mechanical engraving machine.

Main classification

Woodworking engraving machine Tombstone engraving machine Laser engraving machine Advertising engraving machine Jade engraving machine Stone engraving machine Cylindrical engraving machine Mold engraving machine Mini engraving machine PCB circuit board engraving machine Mainly used in advertising industry, craft industry, mold industry, electronics industry, construction industry, printing Packaging industry, wood industry, decoration industry, etc.

Carving supplies

Acrylic organic board, PVC board, hibiscus board, two-color board, wood board, density board, marble, fire board, rubber board, glass, etc.

Business object

Advertising companies, decoration companies, hotels, guesthouses, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, office buildings, entertainment venues, bath centers, groups, enterprises, administrative agencies, etc.